Friday, May 2, 2008

First Reading

I have begun reading the first of many books written by Southern authors. The book I chose to read first is entitled Big Fish and is written by Daniel Wallace. It is the story of a boy's relationship with his father. The boy's father has lived a great life with much adventure, challenging situations, laughter and hard work.

"The day Edward Bloom was born, it rained. "


david santos said...

Hello, Amanda!
Excellent posting.
Have a nice weekend.

Maggie said...

Look at you! Second post and all! :D Did you take the photo from your car last night? And, I just love the little Dutch girl.

queenbee said...

Way to go..already getting started. What an inspiration.

Robin said...

I loved this book when I read it for Maggie's Southern Challenge last year! Enjoy!

Signy said...

Wonderful! I love the pictures! I can tell you are addicted to this like I am! I've not read the book you are reading so I am anxious to know how it goes.

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